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Every week Joe Slepski and a special guest breaks down an episode of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, designed to watch along with the episode you're watching! We are also on Patreon at where you can get access to my entire back catalog of episodes and get exclusive access to my newest podcast, Joe on Joe Illustrated!

Thanks for checking out my show and now you Joe... and Joeing is half the battle.

Mar 29, 2017

One of the most legendary episodes of all time is here! Cold Slither is joining us soon and Jordan Olds joined us for it! 1/2 of the brains behind Mrs. Woman Productions, creators of Punisher '66 and 2 Minutes to Late Night, delighted with me to watch how Cobra goes into bankruptcy and realizes the only way out is...

Mar 22, 2017

My guest is Spencer Miller @spenceington who is a bonafide Star Wars expert, which is great because we are visited by UFOs this episode! The Joes must team up with the Oktober Guard to investigate just what these space aliens want! The Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Reptile Handler... Croc Master!

Mar 15, 2017

What a great episode this week as I'm joined by Mr. Chris Ruhnke (Electricians Local 134) a childhood friend and one of the best folks around! We watch the Joes launch into space in order to stop Cobra from taking over the TV airwaves. Special guest appearance by none other than Mr. C! The Filecard Feature is on the...

Mar 8, 2017

My special guest is Maria Wojciechowski @riawojo a comedian and actor and quite the conversationalist! We watch the Joes get assigned a new Commanding Officer... a giant computer! What are they going to do as they get sent all over the planet on wild goose chases? Our Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Mechanic......

Mar 1, 2017

Part 2 of the epic Traitor episode is here, with guest Jeff Taub! @actorclown is back for some more cartoon talk and we watch the downfall of Dusty. Remember to #cobradusty this week with your designs for a full Cobra version of Dusty! Our Filecard Feature is on Dusty himself!