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Every week Joe Slepski and a special guest breaks down an episode of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, designed to watch along with the episode you're watching! We are also on Patreon at where you can get access to my entire back catalog of episodes and get exclusive access to my newest podcast, Joe on Joe Illustrated!

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Feb 23, 2022

The Sundow Era returns with a vengeance in this absolute must read adventure for G.I. Joe fans. Spoiler alert... I loved it, and I know you will too.
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Feb 16, 2022

The final word on Benzheen is had by what's his name, the stealth pilot guy. This is really a top notch issue! Also....


Movies and a Meal might know who Roxy is. Maybe they covered Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael on their fabulous podcast!

Feb 9, 2022

The war in Benzheen comes to a stultifying conclusion! Plus, everyone's favorite idea of a good time, Metal-Head arrives with a BANG!
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Feb 2, 2022

The War in Benzheen continues! The body count rises! BattleForce 2000 is here to save the day... whoops.
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